There are few cheap replica watches that live up to their marketing hype, and even fewer that can claim to have genuinely saved lives. Confused? Check out the video below, preferably on an big screen with big sound. Sure, the Chronomat is probably better at telling the time than the USS Nimitz, but I suspect the Chronomat has the edge on the unleashing deadly payload front.

1983 is the year that this version of the Breitling Chronomat started life and is was designed particularly for the Italian airforce's acrobatics team, the 'Tricolori'. Breitling was back, baby. Trivia buffs may also be aware that the Chronomat had a previous life as a military model - as a matter of fact thatthe second replica watches designed with a slide rule function - that was launched in 1941. Nevertheless, the similarity is in name merely; the initial iteration of the Chronomat more resembled a Navitimer Montbrilliant.

This Baselworld, to celebrate the second coming of the Chronomat turning dirty thirty, Breitling have launched a very lovely tribute to the initial designing concept. Since 83, after all these years, Breitling replica watches have changed some details and updated several characteristics. The new Chronomat Airborne pares the Chronomat back, giving the icon a welcome refresh.

The most notable update would be the bezel - gone are the stylized Arabic numerals, and back are the more military feeling hash marks. This entirely changes the appearance of the watch, it's still with the Breilting DNA (the raised rider tabs don't let you forget that), however, it's also less brash. One lovelier characteristic is that the hash marks on the brushed bezel are actually rubber inserts, which are injected into the bezel. In this case, it is quite convenient that the bezel can be banged up, re-polished and in general utilized and abused without falling out. All told this new Chronomat has a very cool looking bezel.

The dial is another winning element of the Chronomat Airborne, available in either black or a creamy silver-y colour, the replica Breitling watch dial is fairly clean, and has a extremely classical feel (to a large extent thanks to the 'aged' luminous material). The case comes in 41 or 44mm options, which is nice, and (thanks largely due to the distinctive crown and pushers) is pure Breitling DNA.

44mm is the right size for this watch, large enough to do the hyper-masculine aesthetic justice, yet small enough to avoid dinner plate syndrome. Breitling know who they are, and know what they do well - and I suspect they're onto a winner here.

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